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There are plenty of reasons to work with Tilba Marketing, but what are the reasons that you shouldn’t? Here are five reasons that we’re not the partner for you:

1. You want a list of unqualified appointments and dates; that’s not our style.

We help you build an HONEST pipeline. You don’t want a diary full of appointments with people that will never progress, do you?

2. Speaking of style – our style and approach.

We’re different, and we know you are too. That’s why we make you stand out form the crowd. Your calls won’t be like every other call the prospect receives, so they’re more likely to engage in conversation with us.

3. You like the hard sell; pressure selling doesn’t work. That’s all we have to say on that matter!

4. You want us to read from a script; we’re human-beings and so are your prospects.

We’ll engage your future clients in meaningful conversation so that they get the very best first impression of your business and you get the very best out of the call. These are the prospects that move on to become your clients.

5. Campaign budget; it’s going to cost you money.

And like all marketing, a well-planned and well-executed campaign will bring a great return. But if your average client value is £50, we’re not for you. We’ll help you to keep a track of your prospects so that you can monitor those all-important results.

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