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1. When a prospect says ‘no thanks’ you think you’ve failed

That could be true, maybe you could have done more. But some people can’t be convinced and that’s fine! In fact, it’s ideal. Because now you can cross them off your list and not waste any more time on them, and instead focus on building relationships with the people who DO want to work with you.

2. You use a script

When you read from a script, it’s easy to sound like you’re, well, reading from a script! If you’d like a more natural conversation, why not try writing some prompts down of your USPs and any ‘pain points’ of your target market that you think you could solve?

3. Being dull

Your prospect has probably had 5 other calls that day from other insurance providers; you have to try to sound different. Every provider that calls will claim to have access to x number of insurers, £y GWPI and been trading for z number of years. How are you different? What can you really help your prospect with?

4. Doing too much research

Most insurance professionals don’t enjoy cold-calling. It’s easy to get distracted with thinking that we need to know EVERYTHING about a prospect before we pick up the phone to them, but that’s not the case. In reality, it just wastes time and means you make less calls in the time you have. Try instead to call prospects in groups according to size, sector or need. Unless you just need to open a website to get a feel for the business, do the bulk of your research before you make your calls so it’s not eating into your precious call time.

5. Not doing any calls!

It’s obvious, I know. And yet it ends up at the bottom of the to-do list for so many Account Execs! If you don’t enjoy it, it’s easy to make excuses to do something else and if really don’t have time, try blocking out time in your diary periodically so that you can commit to it.

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