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We’ve all been on the end of terrible sales calls, haven’t we?

You know, the one with the pushy, desperate, scatter gun, sleazy, sales person who is DESPERATE to make the sale, no matter what it takes…

Awkward or what??

I don’t know about you but feeling pressured from the get-go of a sales call is a sure-fire way of turning me off and guaranteeing that I absolutely won’t be buying anything from you. 

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It’s almost like asking me to marry you on our first date – CRINGE!

Or is it just about ticking boxes?

Typically, salespeople are there to tick boxes, earn their pay checks and head on home, they very rarely give even the slightest hoot about how you are or what you’ve been up to that day – despite how they begin your call. 

“Hi there (your name), it’s (their name) from (company name). How are you today? 

*barely listens to your answer*, “That’s good, what have you been doing, have you had a good week?” *audible sighing*

“I have the answer to all of your prayers, you absolutely NEED to buy it, right now, from me… I’m promising you the world.”

Straight in there, no relationship building. Just BAM 💥 – “buy what I have to sell”. 

But I don’t think that’s how you want to do things, is it?

The cold sales calls we all dread are dull to their very core. They are predictable, boring, void of personality and very clearly only after one thing – a sale. And no one likes someone who’s only after one thing now do they?

More about dating…

You wouldn’t go on a date, only talk about yourself and expect to see them again, would you? You’d want to hear all about them, get to know them a bit better, see what you have in common, be relatable, MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL…

Sales calls are absolutely no different. 

As human beings, we are far more likely to interact with, and buy from, tele sales people who make us feel special, who genuinely care about how we are and want to know a little more about us. Wouldn’t we?

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