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I’m Emma Portor, Founder and Owner of Tilba Marketing, and I’m on a mission to help other businesses grow and win clients through proactive marketing, and being there to get the necessary and ‘important stuff’ done so that fellow business owners can thrive. 

My first ‘proper’ job was in a call centre, and I hated every minute – the pushiness, the rejection, the feeling of invading people’s privacy, and the desperation to secure an appointment at any cost (with little regard for the customer as a living, breathing human being). 

I lasted two weeks.

A move into commercial insurance sales and the B2B environment meant no scripted conversations and instead, talking to people like they were humans with emotions. My uber-organised-self relished in a world where I had to be ON IT admin-wise at all times. 

I excelled at building relationships and making sales calls (many find that odd, but the art of the perfect cold call is truly my calling), always pushing to bring up the uncomfortable questions that really mattered. 

After investing personally in A LOT of training and development – then practising it all over many years – I learnt that sales doesn’t have to leave people feeling backed into a corner or unheard. With a more human and engaging approach, sales are made easily and without the sleaze.

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Tilba Marketing do things a little differently

Tilba Marketing provides outsourced sales, marketing, and business support to service providers; our clients include Accountants, Digital Marketers, and Financial Advisors, along with Engineers, Electricians and directory websites. 

The company was born amidst the chaos of COVID-19, when I realised that selling insurance wasn’t my calling (shocker), and that my true vocation was to share Tilba’s unique sales and marketing approach with business owners either baffled by their lack of sales success, or needing outsourced, expert support to grow. 

At a time when my family relied on my income, going it alone was terrifying, but I believed 100% in my method, devised through over a decade of training, trial, and error.  

When businesses need to sell their services, they often do it in the same way as everyone else, and with little strategy and direction. This often leads to tumbleweeds, angry prospects, or customers strong-armed into an appointment they don’t really want, or need.  We do it differently, with engaging, customer-centric content and sales calls that we believe are the future of marketing, whether you’re selling sandwiches or software. 

Along the Tilba journey, we grew to a small – but perfectly formed – team, and supported business more and more by not only being all or a part of their sales team, but enabling them to take control of their own business growth. By allowing us to take on some of the important back-office tasks such as onboarding new clients, creating proposals, looking after inboxes & diaries, taking minutes, and carrying out research, business owners are free to focus on client acquisition and delivering the best service they can to their existing clients. 

We’ll help you present your business in a way that makes the right impression, and focuses on the needs of your prospects.

And if marketing, admin or sales are at the bottom of your to-do list, or isn’t on your agenda, we’ll do it all for you. 

Imagine a world where you can grow sustainably, your marketing efforts are welcomed, and your prospects feel heard, valued and understood. 

That world is possible, and we can take you there.


How can we make you stand out from the crowd?

If you’re a new business or don’t have an ongoing prospecting list, we can help you source the data to get going.


Questions, comments or requests?

Feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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