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Are you attracting as many new clients as you want, or is there room for improvement? Unless you’ve got more than you’re able to cope with, we can help you.

We appreciate you may be wary of outsourced telemarketing, or any cold-calling in fact. Frankly, the average telemarketer is a bored 20-year-old – reading from a clumsy script – who knows virtually nothing about the business world. They don’t have the knowledge or confidence to discuss the vital issues that can be key in persuading prospects to consider switching. 

And you hate getting sales calls yourself, right? That’s because they’re all the same. 

Can I just take a few moments of your time? How are you doing today? This is a unique opportunity. When would be a good time to call back? Blah, blah, blah.

Our unique style gets you a foot in the door. We frequently get comments of ‘wow, that was different’ or ‘I don’t usually talk to people on a cold call, but I’ll make an exception this time’ or even ‘would you like a job here?’ (yes, job offers!) 

We cold-call prospects day in and day out – and we get solid results.

We don’t do pressure selling, we know that doesn’t work. But we’re very good at persuading people to consider an alternative, thus setting you up with credible leads. And we can spot and keep in touch with prospects who may – given time and clever follow-up calls – be prepared to engage your services. 

Equally, we have the nous to know who will never progress – so you can take them off your list and avoid wasting any more time.  

But can an outsider really sell your business, without being part of it? That depends on who you choose. Someone who doesn’t understand your business or sector is unlikely to make a difference. Before we make a single call we’ll study everything about your company until we know it inside out.

Of course, you may task your own sales people with cold calling. But do they really do it? And, if so, how well? (we’ve always been considered a bit odd as a group of people who actually like cold calling and get results!)

We can also manage your pipeline and set up appointments for you, if required.

You might be wondering how much you’ll have to spend with us to get results. We’ll talk you through our expectations in terms of how often we’ll need to make calls for you and for how long to see a return, once we know who you’re targeting and what you do. Some clients spend as little as £600 a month to grow their business with telemarketing, whilst others invest several thousand each month and make a profit.

So what’s stopping you? Get in tough via our contact form or if you’ve heard enough, book a meeting now.

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What can Tilba do for you?


Lead Generation

We can make phone calls on your behalf to prospective clients; we’ll have real conversations with them, finding out the information you want to know and making the very best first impression. What’s more, we don’t have any minimum contract period or amount, so there’s nothing standing between you and your future clients.

Prospecting Training

If you’re still contacting clients ‘to introduce yourself’ and hearing eye rolls at the other end of the phone, we can help. You’ll learn to stand out from the crowd and generate real, honest leads. One-to-one and group sessions are available. Only enquire if you’re willing to feel uncomfortable; the training requires a change in behaviour and technique that you may have been using for a long time.

Appointment setting

When we call your future clients and they’re keen to progress, we’ll make the most of the call and put appointments straight in your diary. If you would like us to, we’ll even call to confirm the appointment closer to the date so you can relax knowing you’re walking into a valuable meeting.

Data Sourcing:

If you’re a new business or don’t have an ongoing prospecting list, we can help you source the data to get going.

Mystery Shopping:

We can call your company and provide feedback and information on the service provided so you can monitor and improve customer service levels and ensure that your employees are working to regulator and your own standards.

Customer Surveys

If you’d like to know how your clients really feel about the service and products you provide, we can call them and take them through a series of agreed questions. You can use the information for marketing purposes (e.g. 100% of customers would highly recommend!) and to improve your services.

Market research

Understanding your potential clients or target market is crucial to your success. Let us understand what you need to know to thrive, and we’ll make the calls for you.

Event marketing

Putting together an event takes time and keeping on top of your guest list can feel like a never-ending task. We can invite your guests, send confirmation emails or meeting invitations and keep you updated on numbers. We can call to confirm attendance for you in the days before the event too.

Questions, comments or requests?

Feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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